Commute For A Change

Metro Rail System! the idea is perfect for commuting through Los Angeles. I ride the goldline to commute to work and school. It is more precise than commuting by bus. However when comutting by bus there is more scenery of businesses because one is traveling through the city streets. When one is taking the metro rail there is more of a landscape scenery because the rail is set on specific platforms that run adjacent to the foothills. This allows for beutifull scenery to be displayed to the passenger.

It is good to see that the City of Los Angeles is helping along with Metro to establish a dependable and efficient transportation system that is reliable. The establishment of this system of transportation is very important because looking back at history in the early 1900 all of our rails were baought by motor viechle companies. They wanted to make the United States more dependable on petroleum. In order to execute this plan they destroyed all the rail systems that were baught.

It is important for people to commute through our rail systems that are energy efficient and less petroleum dependant. It is more important and revolutionary to society to make these important changes in their lives because people can force motor viechle companies and government to change the current transportation system into a more efficient, and environmentally safe system for every citizen.






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