Thanksgiving is known to American Culture as the day the first settlers arrived on Plymouth Rock and sat down with the Native American people and had dinner in celebration of the abundance of food that the land provided. After the first harvest in 1921 the new settlers in Massachussettes decided to celebrate the fruits of labor. It is said that Squanto a Native American was the firtst to teach them how to farm.

In learning about history another side to this story that pertains to the Thankgiving Holiday is that the pilgrims were starving in the Mayflower ship and when they disinbarked off the ship they were greeted by Native American tribes and they were tought to farm eventually their relationship between Indian and Pilgrim would not last.

After about seven years the pilgrims started to get greedy with the Indians and they had gunpowder and artilary that was no match for the natives weaponary. The Natives wanted their guns to be put away since their was a mutual understanding of peace and prosperity. ‘However the settlers argues that they pose no threat and that if they wanted to get rid of them (Natives) they would have done it already.

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