On Abortion Topic

Abortion is a challenging topic to discuss because in arguing about the subject there has to be a clear definition of it. Consider two parties arguing on wether abortion should be legal or not legal. One party argues for making abortion legal while the other is arguing the contrary position on the subject. Those arguing for abortion claim that the fetus has not formed and matured therefore it is ok to have an abortion. The other party arguing against abortion may counter that argument by saying that the fetus at the moment of conception is already human genetics on the way to bond and begin the process of mitosis (the division of cells) and the process of forming a human has been initiated.

In order for both parties to argue these points their has to be a basic understanding of scientific evidence that allows facts to come forward as to when exactly does a human begin to form. These evidence must be taken into consideration by both parties. Often times when their is a discussion by two parties on abortion or any other subject facts get distorted and the essence of the argument in trying to keep it pure and strictly based on evidence it then becomes an unstable argument. Facts should not be ignored. They must be considered present in our thoughts to make moral claims.

A couple of years ago I did some research on abortion and I argued for pro-choice. I beleived in the idea that a mother who is pregnant can make a choice as to wether she wanted the baby or not and therfore choose abortion with some restrictions. For example, if a mother was told by her doctor after examining her health and the babies that she should not have a baby on the grounds that all medical exams showed a high risk of complications to the extremity of death; then she has the choice to risk her life or end the babies life through abortion. It’s seemed simple to me.

As I focused on the research as to what stages of pregnancy can a mother have an abortion I began to see the evidence such as pictures of aborted embryos up to 24 weeks at this stage of pregnancy an embryo has formation of organs, bones, brain has developed into a conciouse complex system. I saw body parts, amputated arms, legs, tissue and it looked simply smaller than a baby at 9 months just out of the womb. I also investigated the procedure and in most cases the body parts must be cut with scissors inside the mother in order to extract the aborted baby. It is the value of human life that I was reminded of and the destruction of a human life that lead me to change my opinion. At the end of the research I modefied my opinion by setting harsher restrictions to only allow abortion in the event of death to the mother. I was left at the end of my research convinced that unless you do research on abortion one can make it easy to choose a side and stay with it.