Appetite is not just important for survival, at least not for humans. While other animals and organisms seek natural food sources for survival, humans look at food as a way to indulge in pleasure and flavor. Humans indulge in food and flavor because their is an ubundance of food at the end of every step that we take. When one leaves the house their is a grocery story no more than half a mile away. When one travels along the streets to commute to work, school, or any destinatiion their is always food available and we are surounded by it.

Food for me is a pleasurable art that I indulge myself everytime I have the chance to do it. I like to taste new types of food. I like to know about the ingridients in the food, and the way they are used to create flavor and aroma. Cuisine from different people of every walk in life tell a portion of their story and their culture to the person who is enjoying their dish. When I try someones cuisine or dish I am tasting what spices are perhaps used in their culture, in their daily lives. The spices do not just give flavor to their food, the spices also stimulate the senses and takes them on a journey of self discovery. In eating and tasting spices that are in food allows one to discover the sensibility or endurance that one has for spices and it may bring about pleasure and emotions that come through with taste alone.

Cooking food is important for me. It relaxes me. I feel joy in cooking food. I am passsionate about cooking. I like to learn how to make new dishes wether it is desert or a main dish. The food that I like to cook can be anything from Mexican, Italian, Asian, Etc. Cooking for me is a passion that will always give me time for myself. When I want to cook I am inspired by my appetite. I first start by thinking what does my body want, fresh, lean, fatty, sweet food. Then once I have decided what type of food I want I think of flavors that vegetable and other ingridients can bring to my dish. Finaly I go online find a dish based on the ingridients that seem realy good to eat and I enjoy cooking that particular dish. I have made lavender cookies, Lasagna (Spinash), and enchiladas..etc, and I have learned so much. The most important thing in cooking for me is making things from scratch. This makes flavor be fresh and always tasting good. You avoid all unnecissary ingridients and preservatives. “BAng” (Emerald, Lagassi). mexican-food-6.jpg

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