Happy New Year Everyone

Happy  New Year Everyone!!!

Have  a great time with family and friends!

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New celebration is on its way and time to celebrate with family and friends. It is one of my favorite times of the year. When I am with family we cook and wait for guests to arrive. We watch movies and spend the holidays with each other.

Their are superstitions involved with the new years such as dressing with light colors that are positive such as white, green, light blue all of these colors attract a good vibe into ones home.


Its a Holiday that I love to celebrate with family. I often enjoy cooking on this day and anyone that is invited to my house will bring a dish to share with everyone in my family. When I was a child I use to care about gifts and now I just care about family, food, and enjoying the season with my girlfriend. I have wonderful memories of Christmas in Mexico with my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother realy bestowed upon me the beautiful aspects of this tradition.

My mother explained to me the significance of Christmas , which is to share it with those you love. She thought me to be consiouse of other people who are in need of a celebration with family. Santa Clause, elf, reindeer. These are all American versions of Christmas.

The truth of Christmas is that it is a Catholic Holiday that has nothing to do with Santa clause or reindeer. I remember seeing a YOUTUBE video of a man who baught starbucks and complained that they do not celebrate Christmas and they also do not display any Christmas symbols like a tree, or reindeer. He then went to starbucks and when they asked him for his name to write it on his starbucks cup he said: “Merrry Christmas”. The problem with this is that trees, and reindeer…etc. are not Christmas symbols that are in anyway related to Christianity.

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Thanksgiving is known to American Culture as the day the first settlers arrived on Plymouth Rock and sat down with the Native American people and had dinner in celebration of the abundance of food that the land provided. After the first harvest in 1921 the new settlers in Massachussettes decided to celebrate the fruits of labor. It is said that Squanto a Native American was the firtst to teach them how to farm.

In learning about history another side to this story that pertains to the Thankgiving Holiday is that the pilgrims were starving in the Mayflower ship and when they disinbarked off the ship they were greeted by Native American tribes and they were tought to farm eventually their relationship between Indian and Pilgrim would not last.

After about seven years the pilgrims started to get greedy with the Indians and they had gunpowder and artilary that was no match for the natives weaponary. The Natives wanted their guns to be put away since their was a mutual understanding of peace and prosperity. ‘However the settlers argues that they pose no threat and that if they wanted to get rid of them (Natives) they would have done it already.

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Commute For A Change

Metro Rail System! the idea is perfect for commuting through Los Angeles. I ride the goldline to commute to work and school. It is more precise than commuting by bus. However when comutting by bus there is more scenery of businesses because one is traveling through the city streets. When one is taking the metro rail there is more of a landscape scenery because the rail is set on specific platforms that run adjacent to the foothills. This allows for beutifull scenery to be displayed to the passenger.

It is good to see that the City of Los Angeles is helping along with Metro to establish a dependable and efficient transportation system that is reliable. The establishment of this system of transportation is very important because looking back at history in the early 1900 all of our rails were baought by motor viechle companies. They wanted to make the United States more dependable on petroleum. In order to execute this plan they destroyed all the rail systems that were baught.

It is important for people to commute through our rail systems that are energy efficient and less petroleum dependant. It is more important and revolutionary to society to make these important changes in their lives because people can force motor viechle companies and government to change the current transportation system into a more efficient, and environmentally safe system for every citizen.







Appetite is not just important for survival, at least not for humans. While other animals and organisms seek natural food sources for survival, humans look at food as a way to indulge in pleasure and flavor. Humans indulge in food and flavor because their is an ubundance of food at the end of every step that we take. When one leaves the house their is a grocery story no more than half a mile away. When one travels along the streets to commute to work, school, or any destinatiion their is always food available and we are surounded by it.

Food for me is a pleasurable art that I indulge myself everytime I have the chance to do it. I like to taste new types of food. I like to know about the ingridients in the food, and the way they are used to create flavor and aroma. Cuisine from different people of every walk in life tell a portion of their story and their culture to the person who is enjoying their dish. When I try someones cuisine or dish I am tasting what spices are perhaps used in their culture, in their daily lives. The spices do not just give flavor to their food, the spices also stimulate the senses and takes them on a journey of self discovery. In eating and tasting spices that are in food allows one to discover the sensibility or endurance that one has for spices and it may bring about pleasure and emotions that come through with taste alone.

Cooking food is important for me. It relaxes me. I feel joy in cooking food. I am passsionate about cooking. I like to learn how to make new dishes wether it is desert or a main dish. The food that I like to cook can be anything from Mexican, Italian, Asian, Etc. Cooking for me is a passion that will always give me time for myself. When I want to cook I am inspired by my appetite. I first start by thinking what does my body want, fresh, lean, fatty, sweet food. Then once I have decided what type of food I want I think of flavors that vegetable and other ingridients can bring to my dish. Finaly I go online find a dish based on the ingridients that seem realy good to eat and I enjoy cooking that particular dish. I have made lavender cookies, Lasagna (Spinash), and enchiladas..etc, and I have learned so much. The most important thing in cooking for me is making things from scratch. This makes flavor be fresh and always tasting good. You avoid all unnecissary ingridients and preservatives. “BAng” (Emerald, Lagassi). mexican-food-6.jpg

The Matrix

In watching the Matrix which is a movie about the idea of living in a world that a person constantly questions because it looks and feels surreal. In being driven by the question, “What is real, or truth ?” Neo which is the main character in the film goes out to search for his answer. He will encounter that what he seeks is more complex than imaginable. I to feel the same way as Neo. I have had the feeling that maybe the world in which I live in is like a dream that has no purpose other than to keep  me imprisoned. The reason for which I am imprisoned is to control everything that I do and to control the functions of my actions.

What if my thoughts and actions are already programmed by God or the universe and the only purpose of my existance is to continue to function as I was destined. Then the next question to ask is: “What is my purpose for existing in the first place?” I don’t know. The understanding that I have come across is that I obviously to have a purpose because I was created. The next logical step would be to seek to find that purpose. If I don’t want to live the rest of my life chasing my purpose then I can live my life not worrying about my purpose in the hopes that sometime I will find my purpose. Eventually a persons purpose will be revealed in time.

This is a question that religiouse and secular groups struggle to seek. I believe this is why religion is practiced and secular groups seek to understand. The irony of all this is that people and everyl iving thing on this planet and this world is that we are subjects of time, life, and death. It is an innate desire of men and women to know more and to progress. Their are others that do not have desire for anything and they allow time to guide them and push them wharever it may. The people that have no worry, the people that just do things without question, maybe these are the people that are truly free. Matrix-and-Internet.jpg

Election Day; Philosophy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will speak about the days before election day and what resulted in after the election. This years election as the world laid eyes upon our nation, most American citizens I am sure were feeling uneasy. I understand this because I noticed many of my co-workers and fellow classmates, family members, and friends; feel uncomfortable and gave insight into their opinions of the election race to the presidency. People expressed deep feelings about the election race. Some said if Donald Trump wins I will leave the country, others said people will create riots on the street in the hopes that our government will change its support for Trump. I must say that both of these opinions are valid. However if I suspend my sense of humor and I think about this with all seriousness. I have come to believe different ideas about said opinions.

Donald Trump is now our president of this nation. That has been decided. I do not know how else this election can still be affected in any other way that can change the newly elected president. One thing I must say is that as citizens of this country, regardless of race, gender differences, or anything that is part of ones own identity, we can do something that at least would stir this newly elected official. The strategy is to remind him of what the people want, to be persistent in our goals, and most of all to endure the resistance of those who are against us. This is what Ghandie did, this is what Martin Luther King did, this is what Jesus did in the bible. This is what you can do regardless of your own beliefs religious or secular. If one for example, envisions a nation that is united, people wanting equality for all, peace and justice, love and kindness then it is yours. The only question is how? you may ask. I tell you to start practicing this vision of freedom amongst each other, regardless of government, regardless of authority. There is no harm in putting this into practice, all that this requires is the will to do it. One must not conform in hoping for government to change only, one must start doing it amongst each other. We the people are change. We are more in number than any one organization. We are the origin of change. This is self-evident in all humanity from all walks of life rich or poor, those who are perceived to be weak by others can also be strong and courageous if they hold on to hope and strive to move forward.

This idea may be interpreted in many different ways. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, yes. This may sound simple and very liberal. This may be a dream to some, but for others it is the truth and a plausible idea. Lets never forget that regardless of our actions this world will keep turning, time will continue, people will age, and progress always moves forward. It is just a matter of figuring out how to speed up progress so that it affects us positivity in our lifetime.

After the elections, following the nest day. I met people who were frustrated and angry, some people had to take their family member to the hospital after an anxiety attack. Children I have heard and seen affected as early as 7 years old. I never remembered a time in my life ware a 7-year-old was worried over elections. I understand the frustration, I understand why this has happened. It is not the people’s fault for feeling this way. It is the negative ideas said by Trump and the supporters that do not understand how this affects the rest of our nation. I believe that conformity in our way of life influences people to not consider others but themselves. It is intolerance and impatience that has prevailed because of an overworked society that has been rendered physically and mentally exausted to deal with the harsh, yet truths of life. May good, kindness, and nobility be the principles bestowed upon our posterity.mountains_hd