Its a Holiday that I love to celebrate with family. I often enjoy cooking on this day and anyone that is invited to my house will bring a dish to share with everyone in my family. When I was a child I use to care about gifts and now I just care about family, food, and enjoying the season with my girlfriend. I have wonderful memories of Christmas in Mexico with my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother realy bestowed upon me the beautiful aspects of this tradition.

My mother explained to me the significance of Christmas , which is to share it with those you love. She thought me to be consiouse of other people who are in need of a celebration with family. Santa Clause, elf, reindeer. These are all American versions of Christmas.

The truth of Christmas is that it is a Catholic Holiday that has nothing to do with Santa clause or reindeer. I remember seeing a YOUTUBE video of a man who baught starbucks and complained that they do not celebrate Christmas and they also do not display any Christmas symbols like a tree, or reindeer. He then went to starbucks and when they asked him for his name to write it on his starbucks cup he said: “Merrry Christmas”. The problem with this is that trees, and reindeer…etc. are not Christmas symbols that are in anyway related to Christianity.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!Image result for christmas mexico


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