The Matrix

In watching the Matrix which is a movie about the idea of living in a world that a person constantly questions because it looks and feels surreal. In being driven by the question, “What is real, or truth ?” Neo which is the main character in the film goes out to search for his answer. He will encounter that what he seeks is more complex than imaginable. I to feel the same way as Neo. I have had the feeling that maybe the world in which I live in is like a dream that has no purpose other than to keep  me imprisoned. The reason for which I am imprisoned is to control everything that I do and to control the functions of my actions.

What if my thoughts and actions are already programmed by God or the universe and the only purpose of my existance is to continue to function as I was destined. Then the next question to ask is: “What is my purpose for existing in the first place?” I don’t know. The understanding that I have come across is that I obviously to have a purpose because I was created. The next logical step would be to seek to find that purpose. If I don’t want to live the rest of my life chasing my purpose then I can live my life not worrying about my purpose in the hopes that sometime I will find my purpose. Eventually a persons purpose will be revealed in time.

This is a question that religiouse and secular groups struggle to seek. I believe this is why religion is practiced and secular groups seek to understand. The irony of all this is that people and everyl iving thing on this planet and this world is that we are subjects of time, life, and death. It is an innate desire of men and women to know more and to progress. Their are others that do not have desire for anything and they allow time to guide them and push them wharever it may. The people that have no worry, the people that just do things without question, maybe these are the people that are truly free. Matrix-and-Internet.jpg

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