Election Day; Philosophy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will speak about the days before election day and what resulted in after the election. This years election as the world laid eyes upon our nation, most American citizens I am sure were feeling uneasy. I understand this because I noticed many of my co-workers and fellow classmates, family members, and friends; feel uncomfortable and gave insight into their opinions of the election race to the presidency. People expressed deep feelings about the election race. Some said if Donald Trump wins I will leave the country, others said people will create riots on the street in the hopes that our government will change its support for Trump. I must say that both of these opinions are valid. However if I suspend my sense of humor and I think about this with all seriousness. I have come to believe different ideas about said opinions.

Donald Trump is now our president of this nation. That has been decided. I do not know how else this election can still be affected in any other way that can change the newly elected president. One thing I must say is that as citizens of this country, regardless of race, gender differences, or anything that is part of ones own identity, we can do something that at least would stir this newly elected official. The strategy is to remind him of what the people want, to be persistent in our goals, and most of all to endure the resistance of those who are against us. This is what Ghandie did, this is what Martin Luther King did, this is what Jesus did in the bible. This is what you can do regardless of your own beliefs religious or secular. If one for example, envisions a nation that is united, people wanting equality for all, peace and justice, love and kindness then it is yours. The only question is how? you may ask. I tell you to start practicing this vision of freedom amongst each other, regardless of government, regardless of authority. There is no harm in putting this into practice, all that this requires is the will to do it. One must not conform in hoping for government to change only, one must start doing it amongst each other. We the people are change. We are more in number than any one organization. We are the origin of change. This is self-evident in all humanity from all walks of life rich or poor, those who are perceived to be weak by others can also be strong and courageous if they hold on to hope and strive to move forward.

This idea may be interpreted in many different ways. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, yes. This may sound simple and very liberal. This may be a dream to some, but for others it is the truth and a plausible idea. Lets never forget that regardless of our actions this world will keep turning, time will continue, people will age, and progress always moves forward. It is just a matter of figuring out how to speed up progress so that it affects us positivity in our lifetime.

After the elections, following the nest day. I met people who were frustrated and angry, some people had to take their family member to the hospital after an anxiety attack. Children I have heard and seen affected as early as 7 years old. I never remembered a time in my life ware a 7-year-old was worried over elections. I understand the frustration, I understand why this has happened. It is not the people’s fault for feeling this way. It is the negative ideas said by Trump and the supporters that do not understand how this affects the rest of our nation. I believe that conformity in our way of life influences people to not consider others but themselves. It is intolerance and impatience that has prevailed because of an overworked society that has been rendered physically and mentally exausted to deal with the harsh, yet truths of life. May good, kindness, and nobility be the principles bestowed upon our posterity.mountains_hd




2 thoughts on “Election Day; Philosophy.

  1. That’s true. We can still have an effect on the path our nation takes. Hillary actually talked about this idea during the speech that followed her losing the race.


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