Halloween and Horror Movies

wall_halloween_large17.jpgHalloween Ladies and Gentlemen, It is finally on its way. Yes, this is my favorite Holiday of the year. (other than thanksgiving and Christmas). The reason for which I like Halloween is because I get to decorate my house with scary, creepy, or simply eerie decor. Every year I choose a theme I want to decorate my house. These year I wanted to decorate my house to look like that of the family creeds house with that of a path that leads to a pet cemetary.

In one instance I was reading Pet Sematary by Stephen King which is a great scary book that I would recommend to those who would like a good scary story that is well written. It has also been turned into a movie. I would recommend this if you do not care for reading it. The movie is almost exactly like the book. Here is my synopsis of the film: This story takes place in Maine ware the family: Creeds move into a two-story house. The creeds family consists of the father Louis and his wife Rachel along with their daughter Elie, and their son Gage. Lets not forget their favorite pet specifically a cat named church. They also have a neighbor named Judd who lives across the road in front of their house. On this main road Enrico company trailers pass by at very high velocity its a highway road. The Family discovers a path that leads them to the pet Sematary but according to Judd it is a place best left alone it has a power that is beyond human comprehension and what gets buried there may come back and not the way you would expect them to be. The Creeds are trying to live a normal life but their lives will be changed because Judd and the Pet Sematary have a history that has been hidden and Lois and his family are puzzled. In time all secrets will come to the surface.

After watching and reading Pet Sematary, I realized that it would be a great idea to theme my house this year as that of one of my favorite scary book and film Pet Sematary. I will start by putting tombs and crosses with names of pets and different animals that have passed away from people I know other than my own a turtle named Ninja I had when I was in Elemantary school. I also had a cat named Liza that passed away and burried in my front yard. My cousin had a cat named Max, (this story was a little awkard) I got off of work one day and I call the house and my grandmother answers the phone. She tells me that my cousins cat Max passed away from old age. I arrive at my house and I see that their is a plastic bag in the laundry room on the floor. My grandmother said: Oh! that’s Max your cousin dropped him off she would like for you to bury him. I was completely surprised but then I remembered Max he was a very cool cat white with black fur and playful, curious, and always happy to see me whenever I would visit my cousin. I wrapped him in a white cloth and I did him the honor of burying him in my front yard. At least he will always be close to home, literally close to home!

In addition to my Pet Sematary theme, I will also add pumpkins and plastic animal skeletons that will be put next to the graves of those pets that have passed away. A last touch will be lighting and fog mist to make everything come together and seem eerie for visitors, trick or treats will be on them! As one of my favorite authors R.L. Stine who is known for creating Goosebumps says: “Come, if you dare; you’re in for a scare “(Stine).That is exactly what I want people to think and feel when they see my house.

Another thing I like to do in October is watch a scary movie, go out at night and visit Halloween event such as: Haunted Hey Ride!, Queen Mary: Dark Harbor,  go on a night walk and look at other halloween decorated houses. Look at Pumpkins and buy a crumple to carve. Halloween does not have to be creepy. You can have fun with it as long as you keep it themed along Halloween tradition. In fact Halloween was celebrated by the Celtics which originally was a pagan tradition then it became a Catholic Tradition. My Mexican heritage has allowed me to experience Dia De Los Muertos in which people go to church and pray for those ancestors that have passed away. After mass people make a pilgramage to the cemetary with food and other favorite dishes for their faithfully departed whom use to endulged themseleves with a particular dish in their mortal lives. People dance, sing, spend time amongst their dead ancestors resting places. Overall Halloween and Dia De los Muertos are two traditions that have certain aspects of practice in common handed down from generations before my time and I am happy to embrace both. They are fun, well respected, and in a sense a celebration of Life and Death! for the living and the dead.


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